Master any language with TED talks…or any video

Caterpillar turns any video into a full language course!

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Start learning in three easy steps

1. Choose from our large library of TED talks or import any video you want.

2. Caterpillar automatically generates exercises based on the subtitles and video.

3. Practice your skills with listening, writing, and speaking exercises.

Movies are played one segment at a time. Our core exercises challenge you to understand every word.

Why did we create Caterpillar?

Because the typical way of watching movies is too passive to learn a language

We love watching movies and TV series. When learning a language, a movie is a great way to learn vocabulary, tune your accent, and get better at understanding native speakers. The problem is that you can watch an entire film and not improve at all. It's inherently a passive activity.

Because we wanted a way to test three essential skills while watching movies:


Do I really understand every word spoken?


Can I write exactly what was spoken without spelling or grammatical mistakes?


Do I sound like the actor when I repeat what they said - accent and rhythm?

Because we wanted an automated and optimized way to turn movies into interactive flash cards.

You can add any film to Caterpillar and it will be broken up into short sections and segments. The app uses excercises to test all three skills (listening, writing, and speaking) and shows you your weak points according to a spaced repetition algorithm - just like Anki does for flashcards.

Because the best way to learn is from native speakers.

Some people describe Caterpillar as the next step after Duolingo because you are finally learning with material that native speakers use.

Turn any movie or TV Show into a language course

It is rewarding to watch an entire foreign movie and understand every word without the need for subtitles. Caterpillar makes this happen.

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